Building Jewish Families

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Building Jewish Families

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Building Jewish Families: One Child at a Time

Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey is proud to announce the launch of Building Jewish Families, a new initiative to help members of our community build Jewish families—one child at a time.

The Building Jewish Families fund will provide interest-free loans to help defray the costs associated with fertility treatments, surrogacy, and/or adoption, with the express intention of helping to build Jewish homes and strengthen Jewish families.

Since 2008, Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey has given loans to more than 300 people in the total amount of $1.4 million. In this new Building Jewish Families program all loan applicants must agree that these children will be raised and nurtured in a home consistent with Jewish values and practices.

Arthur Schechner, Chairman of the Board of HFL, states, “Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey is committing money and effort to building Jewish families. We will help prospective parents bring about the miracle of life by providing a resource for the tremendous expenses associated with in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy, and adoption by the granting of interest free loans.  We can think of no better use of our funds than this.

For the loan, prospective parent(s) will be considered individually and jointly, and at least one prospective parent (loan applicant) must be Jewish. As part of the loan criteria, the applicant also must be a resident of the Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey community (we serve Jews in Essex, Morris, Monmouth, Middlesex, Sussex, and Union counties). The identity of all applicants and the information provided is held in the strictest confidence.

Read the press release from the program launch.

Paying for IVF Treatment

Though certainly worth every penny, in vitro fertilization can be an expensive process.  However, if you’re unable to afford medical expenses on your own, we may be able to help. We’ve created the Building Jewish Families fund for this very purpose, as well as for adoption and surrogacy.

IVF treatment or any attempts at conceiving a child without success are some of the most stressful pressures a family can experience. It’s important that you can clearly see the situation for what it is while work on reducing stress, relaxing and receiving treatment. It’s a must for the health of you and your future child. This is our way to eliminate your financial worries in a manner that is helpful and dignified.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 6% of married women in the U.S. are infertile and 25% of couples with reproductive challenges have more than one contributor causing the infertility. These are significant figures but IVF treatment can be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

You’re a few steps closer to welcoming the newest addition to your family. Find out more information about the application process on our website.

How to Apply

It is the intention of Hebrew Free Loan of NJ that in providing these loans, it will be helping to create Jewish children, build Jewish homes, and strengthen Jewish families. All loan applicants must accept and agree to the criteria, which in the aggregate form the basis of the understanding of the loan agreement. Download the criteria/application form.




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