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General Needs Loan

The General Needs Loan Program provides interest-free loans of up to $7,500 for general needs.   

The loans can cover expenses such as the following:

• Medical Expenses
• Debt Consolidation
• Unexpected Income Loss

HFLNJ understands that all information it receives is strictly confidential.

Who May Apply

The Borrower  must live in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Monmouth, Middlesex, Passaic, Sussex, and Union counties.  The Borrower  must be a member of the Jewish community or work for a Jewish organization.  The purpose of the loan must be to alleviate some financial need.  The Borrower’s spouse is also required to sign the loan documents.  

Loan Terms

General needs loans up to $2,500 have a two year repayment term and loans from $2,500-$7,500 have a three year repayment term.  

General Needs Loans over $2,000 require a Guarantor who is a New Jersey resident.  General Needs Loans above $5,000 require two Guarantors who are New Jersey residents.

A grace period of approximately 3 months is given before repayment begins.  

Who May Be a Guarantor

A Guarantor must be a New Jersey resident.  Guarantors may not be a member of the clergy, or political office holder or on active duty in the military. A person may not be a borrower and guarantor at the same time.  The Guarantor must fill out an information form and is required to sign the applicant’s loan documents.

How to Apply

A loan application is completed by the Borrower and any Guarantors.  The loan application can be downloaded here.  After the loan application is completed, a representative of Hebrew Free Loan of New Jersey will reach out to the Borrower.  The Applicant must provide a copy of his or her valid New Jersey drivers’ license and social security card.

HFLNJ may require the applicant to submit additional documentation or proof of statements contained in the application.  HFLNJ also reserves the right to verify the information on any information submitted by or on behalf of a Guarantor.

Once the loan is granted, a completed copy of the promissory note will be returned to the Applicant.  Any Guarantor also will receive a copy of the Promissory Note as well as a copy of the Loan Approval letter.

It only takes a simple call or email to start the process:

• For residents of Essex, Hudson, Morris, Sussex, and Union Counties, contact Malkie Ratzker at
• For residents of Middlesex County, contact Debby Alter at 732.777.1940, X 1119.
• For residents of Monmouth County, contact Leslie Kornfeld at 732.588.1805, X 13 (Email:
• For residents of Bergen and Passaic Counties, for loans above $5,000, please contact Malkie Ratzker at
• For residents of Bergen and Passaic Counties, for loans below $5,000, contact Laura Brody at 201-791-8395.

Download loan application here